Mind Body Balancing

Ever felt “off colour”, “off balance” or “out of sorts”?
Do you get “butterflies in your stomach”? or feel you need to “unwind” or get “back on an even keel”?

Sometimes we don’t suffer from a specific issue but a general feeling of dis-ease or lack of well being. It may not naturally occur to us to take time out and have a treatment for this sort of non specific complaint. However, despite the fact that our bodies are well adapted to maintaining balance, occasionally they do need a little help to settle down.

A mind body balancing treatment aims to bring the mind and body back into line. It is a gentle and relaxing treatment which takes place with the client on the couch fully clothed. During this treatment I will use long circular sweeps of the body, some holds, energy point work (similar to acupressure) and some work in the energy field that surrounds us just above the body.

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