AliDolphin (1)Based in Rodmell in the beautiful Sussex countryside, I am a Massage Training Institute (MTI) and Reiki Association, registered complementary health practitioner.

In 2007 I completed my initial training as a holistic massage and level II Reiki practitioner so along with using Swedish, Thai, acupressure and deep tissue massage techniques to assist with specific issues, my approach is to help you bring your whole self back into a state of balance. This way of working not only provides support to the body during the recovery from acute issues (stress, tension, discomfort, aches and pains) but also helps revive mind and spirit promoting an over all sense of relaxation and well being.

Alongside my private practice, for 8 years I worked as the coordinator and a member, through the charity Active Lightworks, of a team of practitioners who provide Reiki sessions to children (patients), parents and staff in the High Dependency Unit at the Royal Alexandra Children’s hospital in Brighton.

Through my Dream Time Treatments I aim to provide not only technical assistance with what ails you but also a caring and nurturing experience.

I believe in regularly updating my skills to ensure that I can continue to provide the best level of care for my clients. Since qualifying as a massage (2007) & Reiki (2007) practitioner I have taken further courses  and attended seminars on
Reiki in Medicine
Massage for Shoulder Girdle Pain
Massage for Lower Back Pain
Massage for Neck and Shoulder Pain
Oncology Massage & Simple Lymphatic Drainage
Scar Tissue work
Massage for people with Dementia
Reiki (levels I (2006), II (2007) & III – Master Teacher 2011)
Massage for Wrist & Arm pain (RSI, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc.)
Working with the Spine
Chair massage
Hot Stones massage
Pregnancy massage
Myofascial Release
Thai massage
Ayurvedic acupressure
Spiritual anatomy and healing
Womb and Fertility Massage

And in my spare time, regularly do yoga, write poems and take photographs inspired by nature.

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