Massage – Sporty

  • Benefits of massage to me (Gill)….
    I initially discovered the benefits of sports massage in repairing injured muscles and strains.  Now I use holistic massage to help my muscles prepare and recover from sporting holidays, such as skiing and cycling.  It sorts out all the stiff and sore muscles and other tissues that have been shocked by sudden over-use.
    I also use holistic massage for general maintenance, physical and mental.  It’s excellent for dealing with the physical manifestations of stressful and busy lives – unknotting muscles I had barely been aware of having knotted up, soothing aches and pains I had previously put down to wear and tear and ‘my age’. 
    Holistic massage helped speed my recovery from a broken wrist and prevented me from developing all sorts of secondary strains while my wrist was out of action.
    I always sleep like a top after a holistic massage and that in itself is very therapeutic and refreshing.
    Holistic massage is very soothing and relaxing, but it somehow makes me feel taller and lighter and more smiley. 
    Ali is very good at adapting her massage techniques to suit whatever needs attention.  It’s become an important part of my general health and fitness regime.
  • I would like to say I’m a convert – I have had sports massages before and whilst they do the job the overall experience is nowhere near as good. Following a treatment I have always come out feeling very relaxed and de-stressed but also ready to take on the next crazy sporting challenge. Mark

Massage – Spiritual

  • Ali’s massage is a very relaxing and nurturing experience and she works with an intuitive sense of what the body needs. Steve
  •  Ali’s massage is relaxing thorough and professional. She finds the areas that need working and treats them well to help you well. Ady
  •  Ali is a most intuitive practitioner. Felt I was not only having a massage but a healing too. Shiv

Massage – Just Plain Stressed

  • Ali’s holistic approach to massage means my treatments are just what I need. She really listens to my body – it is heaven! Stacia


  • I found Ali’s Reiki sessions totally relaxing and felt renewed afterwards, like my body was realigned ready for a new day. Nick
  • I highly recommend Ali’s Reiki which is a wonderful and deeply reviving experience. A real spiritual tonic. Nathan

Guided Visulisation & Meditation

  • Meditation, being still in mind and body, isn’t something that comes easily to me. It’s something that I’ve always believed to be desirable and wanted to be able to do, but have never quite managed to get the hang of it. So when Ali suggested trying a guided visualisations I decided to have a go without much expectation of success.
    Even during the visualisation, I wasn’t entirely sure that is was working, although it was peaceful and relaxing.
    But later on the way home, I felt an extraordinary heightened awareness of my surroundings – colours were brighter, I seemed to have greater peripheral vision – coulped with a sense of quietness, calm, detachment. It lasted for hours. I was impressed. Gill
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